News & Feature Writing


My freelance writing reflects years of work at numerous newspapers and magazines. Able to deliver on deadline, with articles that are researched, readable and ready to be published.

Press Releases


Identifying Who, What, When, Where and Why is only part of what makes for an effective press release. Contact me about crafting a release that reflects those elements that connect with editors and reporters, and that get your event, report or announcement noticed.




I help make sure the content that you've written is clear, concise, readable and grammatically correct.





Let me take the accomplishments and achievements of your life or career and craft them into a one-page biography that inspires its readers. 




I can help you provide the informed, readable content you need for your website. Aside from  the buttons, images, and links, your website needs text that give visitors what they need when they need it.

Media relations


Allow my 25 years of experience, familiarity and reputation within in the media field to help you understand, connect with and appeal to the media entities you need to advance your company, campaign or cause.



Need an analysis and action plan for your communications divison or upcoming campaign? Contact me about the ways in which I can help.

Strategic Communications


Positive media and public attention don't just happen. They're often the result of a strategy, one that entails research, analysis, messaging and a plan.